Meet the Governors

The Governing Body of Beech Green Primary School re-constituted on 1st April 2015.  Beech Green is a community school.

Chair of Governors - Mrs Sarah Costello-Byrne
Vice Chair of Governors - Mr Stephen Ball

Our Instrument of Government states that the governing body shall consist of:

  • 4 parents governors – elected by the parents
  • 1 LA governor – elected by the governors
  • 1 Staff governor – elected by the staff
  • 1 Headteacher – elected by default
  • 7 Co-opted governors – elected by the governors

Total number of governors = 14

Governors’ term of office is four years, other than the staff governor that is two years.

The Governors stand on one of two committees, Resources or Education and Development.  These committees and the full governing body each meet three times an academic year, unless required more often.
The Governing Body of Beech Green is encouraged to be part of the school community and all have an open invitation to join us for school events.  Governors make regular visits into school and feedback their findings to the whole governing body at full governing body meetings.  Whilst the responsibility of the day to day management of the school is delegated to the Headteacher, the Governing Body plays a vital role in acting collectively as a “Critical Friend” by supporting but also challenging the effectiveness of the school.

The Governing Body is made up of:-


Mrs Julie Poulson

Staff Governor

Miss Sonya Whitfield

LA Governor


Parent Governors

Mr Stephen Ball - Vice Chair of Governors and Chair of Resources Committee

Mr Stephen Tuffin

Mrs Claire Woodger - Chair of Education and Development Committee

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Mrs Rakiya Sambo - Vice-Chair of Education and Development Committee

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Co-Opted Governors

Mrs Helen Parkinson - Staff member & BG Nursery

Mrs Natasha Hannaway - Staff member

Mrs Esther Parker

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Mrs Sarah Costello-Byrne - Chair of Governors

Mrs Kendra O'Neill

Co-Opted Governor Vacancy x 2 

Associate Member

None at the present time

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Jenny Simmonds

Contact The Governors

Email address of Chair of Governors - 
Email address of Clerk to the Governors -

Details of Governor's business interests; financial interests or governance roles in other schools (if any)

Mrs Julie Poulson - Headteacher at Beech Green Primary School

Miss Sonya Whitfield - staff member - teacher in YR

Mrs Helen Parkinson - staff member - teacher in Y2 - Chair of Beech Green Childcare Committee

Mrs Natasha Hannaway - staff member - teacher in Y2

Mrs Jenny Simmonds - Clerk to Governors and Beech Green Primary School Secretary

Committees and Responsibilities

Resources Committee:-
Chair of Resources – Mr Stephen Ball
Vice Chair of Resources – Vacancy

Mr Stephen Ball
Mrs Kendra O’Neill
Miss Sonya Whitfield
Mr Stephen Tuffin
Vacancy x 2
Mrs Julie Poulson


Education and Development Committee:-
Chair of Education and Development – Mrs Claire Woodger
Vice Chair of Education and Development – Mrs Rakiya Sambo

Mrs Sarah Costello-Byrne
Mrs Natasha Hannaway
Mrs Esther Parker
Mrs Helen Parkinson
Mrs Rakiya Sambo
Mrs Claire Woodger
Mrs Julie Poulson


Governor for Safeguarding / Child Protection
Mrs Helen Parkinson

Governor for Children In Care (CIC)
Mrs Helen Parkinson

Governor for Pupil Premium Children
Mrs Esther Parker

Governor for Health & Safety

Governor for School Website
Mrs Kendra O'Neill


Governors attendance of governing body and committee meetings over the last academic year:
Accepted apologies of full governors = Esther Parker x 1
Accepted Apologies of Committee = Helen Parkinson x 1
Absent Governors = 

Governors who left the governing body during the last academic year:  Mrs Elaine Campion (2016-2017), Mrs Harriet McGill (2016-2017), Mr Richard Woolston (2016-2017), Mrs Lesley Woakes (2016-2017) - never started. Mrs Hayley Earl and Mrs Sharon Weeks Acting Co-Headteachers (2017-2018) - reverted to their roles as Deputy Headteachers, Mr Christian Hickman (2017-2018).