At Beech Green School, following the spirit of our values of “Believe, Grow, Persevere, Succeed”, we aim to ensure that every pupil and teacher is given an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential. In addition, each individual is entitled to learn, teach or work in a supportive environment and to benefit from the diversity of our school community.

Our Equality Objectives are:

  • To promote a positive self-image in all children and to respect their individuality;
  • To provide for all pupils, according to their needs;
  • To ensure equality of opportunity permeates the whole curriculum and ethos of the school;
  • In delivering the curriculum, to ensure it contains non-stereotypical images in order to overcome preconceived ideas of gender, ethnic origin, culture or religion;
  • To include resources, books, materials and equipment that are multicultural and non-sexist, providing positive images of all groups;
  • To ensure that the organisation of the school is sensitive to the needs of all;
  • To acknowledge the richness and diversity of British society and to help prepare children for their part in that society;
  • To develop a positive attitude to equal opportunity by all staff, parents, helpers, governors, children and all who participate in the school.

To enable us to meet these objectives, we at Beech Green seek support and advice from a range of external groups and agencies, such as the NHS, Stonewall, Mermaids and YES mentors, to provide guidance in supporting individuals and to inform whole school practice.   We also invite groups and individuals from the community into school, to raise awareness of other faiths and cultures and to promote our ethos of inclusivity and tolerance.

Promoting good relationships is inherent in all that we do at Beech Green. However, we further promote this through our teaching, most obviously during RE and PSCHE lessons and during our Philosophy 4 Children sessions.  We also have dedicated theme days (for example, dedicated to a specific religion) or theme weeks such as Anti-Bullying Week. Through all of these, we encourage sensitive questions to further their own understanding, and to discuss and challenge views in a considered and courteous manner if they disagree.  

Beech Green Primary School’s Equality Policy (see Policies) has been written in accordance with The Equality Act 2010 .