School Values

“Believe Grow Persevere Succeed”


The school has always held strong values and a positive ethos centred on every child’s welfare and learning.  We want to provide very clear guidance to everyone involved with the school, as to what specific values are at the core of our provision and how they impact on the overall ethos of the school. To give our Beech Green Values greater clarity, relevance and purpose, they are linked to the first letter of the four words of our school’s name.

Beech = B = Believe

We have confidence in all our pupils and we are optimistic about their future prospects. We believe that because of the excellent care, guidance and support our pupils receive throughout their primary school years, they will achieve their potential in all areas of school life and be well prepared for the next stage of their education.

Green = G = Grow

We have high expectations of our pupils and we are determined to do everything we can, in partnership with their parents and carers, to ensure that they all grow and develop into happy and well-rounded individuals; capable of making a positive contribution to their communities, as well as coping with the challenges and opportunities of life in modern Britain.

Primary = P = Persevere

Because of the many challenges we often face, life is not always an easy journey and we know that when the going gets tough, as it surely will at times, perseverance and resilience will prove to be vital personal qualities.  Through our “Successful Learners” programme we teach the children that challenging themselves to try their best and never give up, is really important.  We also believe that children should be encouraged to take certain risks and understand that making mistakes is all part of successful learning.

School = S = Succeed

Our primary aim is for all our pupils to succeed and leave Beech Green with a wealth of happy memories.  There is a tremendous team spirit at Beech Green and we celebrate and value all levels of success in sport, music, drama and art; not just the more academic areas of reading, writing and maths.

Because we believe in our pupils and teach them well, under our care and guidance they grow into confident and ambitious young people, willing to persevere and succeed.