Key Drivers

This section of the website is devoted to School Events. These are occasions when we participate in big events or activities which are linked to our Key Drivers of Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Personal Well-Being and The Arts.

Why did we choose these three areas for our Key Drivers?

Knowledge and Understanding of the World was chosen because we want our pupils to grow up knowing about British Values, as well as understanding as much as possible about how people live in other areas of the planet.  We also want our pupils to be curious about the wider world well beyond Quedgeley and Gloucester, in the hope that one day they will want to go and explore it!

At Beech Green, we completely agree with the Locally Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education which states the importance of children becoming ‘skilled cultural navigators, able to handle the differences of faith and belief around them, as well as establish their own sense of identity and belonging’.  We feel it is important that the children become aware of differences and similarities between themselves and others, in a respectful manner. 
In order to promote “religiously educated” children who are well prepared to face the demands of the contemporary world, we will learn about different festivals from a range of religions.

Personal Well-Being is vital to everyone’s health and happiness and so we provide lots of opportunities for PE and competitive sport, as well teaching the importance of looking after yourself by keeping clean, getting enough sleep and eating a good diet.  The social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of all our pupils is also really important to us and so we organise plenty of activities to help our pupils grow up into happy and well-rounded young people.

The Arts has long been an important part of our schools’ provision.  We value opportunities for children to improve their understanding and develop their enjoyment of areas such as music, dance, drama and art.  The school is full of wonderful artwork made with a range of skills such as painting, collage, sculpture and drawing.  The Arts will always have an important place at the heart of our school curriculum.

These events are great fun and they help to generate many happy memories for everyone connected with the school!  We’re sure you’ll enjoy looking at the photographs and reading the other information, as we think it gives you a real flavour of the happy times we share as a school community.