Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) - Curriculum Topic Plan (Superheroes in Training) Autumn Term 2018

As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, we are following/ covering the children’s interests and any forthcoming events.
Whilst exploring our topic of ‘Superheroes in Training’ we will spend the first term, getting to know the children and finding out about their interests. Over the first few weeks, we will also gain a ‘baseline’ knowledge of each child’s abilities, social skills etc. This will give us a good knowledge of the children and their needs, which we will use to inform our future planning as we begin to develop their imaginations as they develop into ‘Superhero learners.’

Personal, Social and Emotional

  • Form positive relationships with our new friends & adults (Circle time games and supported interactions with other children and adults)
  • Learn the rules and expectations of Beech Green Primary School
  • Learn to share adult’s time/attention & resources/toys with a larger number of children
  • Encourage children to have a positive attitude towards school and learning
  • Become more independent in the many aspects of school life (choosing some activities independently)
  • Increase our time at school until full-time hours are achieved (this will be on an individual basis)
  • Listening to & following the instructions of Beech Green adults and completing adult directed tasks
  • Confidently ask an adult for help if needed.

Physical Development

  • Learn to take off and put on items of clothing independently (especially coats & jumpers)
  • Develop the use of a comfortable pencil grip and begin to form letters correctly
  • Become confident using a variety of different tools safely through art activities that include cutting and painting
  • Develop spatial awareness and learn to use large school equipment safely whilst becoming aware of others
  • Strengthen fine motor control through a range of different activities including ‘Dough Disco’
  • Begin to recognise our comfort needs and begin to act on them independently e.g using the toilet, taking off jumpers when hot and having a drink
  • To begin to develop an awareness of what a healthy life style is. Introducing the children to the idea of healthy foods and discussing how exercise affects our body in different ways.

Communication & Language

  • Becoming more attentive listeners to both adults & children
  • Begin to respond appropriately to what they’ve seen and heard
  • To begin to talk about their own interests and experiences
  • Learn to communicate effectively with adults and peers in a range of situations
  • Ask appropriate questions
  • Begin to maintain attention at self-chosen activities for longer periods of time.


  • Introduce Ten Town & Number Blocks to support understanding of number
  • Practise counting accurately by moving/touching objects only once in meaningful play based contexts
  • Identify & order different sizes and capacities
  • Develop the children ability to respond to positional language instructions
  • Explore 2D shapes in their environment. 


  • Discriminating and identifying every day sounds (identifying what we can hear on a listening walk)
  • Share & discuss a range of stories and Traditional Tales at story times and in the Reading Area
  • Introduce Phonemes using the Jolly Phonics scheme
  • Begin to use phonic skills to read and write simple words
  • Recognise their name & beginning to write it using the correct letter formation
  • Make marks and begin to write meaningfully in a range of play based contexts
  • Begin to retell and act out simple stories using actions (Talk for Writing).

Understanding the World

  • Enhance knowledge of and explore their new school environment
  • Talk about their family and share family photos
  • Learn about belonging to different groups and cultures
  • Explore some of the IT equipment available in school. Beginning to use the Computing Suite
  • To introduce the children to real life Heroes e.g. people who help us.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Encourage the children to join in with familiar songs and develop their repertoire
  • Explore simple art materials and encourage them to combine resources in their independent work
  • Introduce basic instruments and allow them to explore different ways of playing them
  • To explore properties of different materials
  • Encourage the children to use their imagination and represent their experiences within play situations such as Role Play, Small World or Puppets. 

Key Drivers

The Arts

  • Parents/Carers in to make Superhero props
  • Christmas performance with Nursery.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

  • Visits from different people who help us eg Police, Nurse, Fire fighters  etc.

Personal Well-being

  • Tesco visit to introduce healthy eating
  • Visit from a Dentist.