Year 5 - How could humans survive without trees? Summer Term 2019

Overarching Key Question: How could humans survive without trees?

Year Group: Year 5Teaching Staff:


22nd April (B/H)

29th April

6th May (B/H)

13th May

20th May

3rd June

Key Questions:

Can we survive without trees?

What different types of trees are there? 

What would happen if the trees were not there?

How can we remember the importance of trees?

Curriculum Content:


Land use patterns

Human and physical 


Raise questions about the local environment

Investigation: Spotting patterns 






Eco systems



Letter – Richard Graham 

Lorax – watch film. 


Images of desolate places. 

Legacy – Naming the different classes. 


W) P4C – context of new homes being built on the nature reserve. 


TH) Visit nature reserve – is it worth saving? (Take one leaf from each tree to photocopy)

Native v foreign trees


 Identify trees from nature reserve and grounds. 


Create Fact sheet using prompts – sending back to Richard Graham.


Brainstorm ideas around key question.


How are we using trees? Children to choose key area to research for presentation.

  • Food

  • Materials

  • Medicines 

  • Ship building – what products do we get from shipping? 

  • Change in habitat for animals. 


Present findings to class – listeners to write down key facts. 

Deadline – 14th June


Letters to parents


Updating website

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10th June

17th June

24th June

1st July 

8th July 

15th July

Key Questions:



What can we do to be sustainable? 

How do we protect trees?

Sex Education 


Curriculum Content:







Legacy – Naming the different classes.





Make signs for class doors using reclaimed wood. 

Looking at businesses that are being sustainable.


Forest Green Rovers

Forestry commission – what are they doing?




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