Continuous Professional Learning Project (CPL)

Continuous Professional Learning at Beech Green

At Beech Green, we know how important it is for the children to learn.  But learning doesn’t stop when you leave education: for us, we are all learners.  Since September 2021, we have implemented a programme of Continuous Professional Learning to ensure that, as a staff, we actively seek out ways to further develop our teaching practice.  Each term, staff choose books which explore the latest research in teaching approaches, assessment strategies, behaviour management or other aspects of school life.  We choose elements of the research to put into practice, in order for children to experience the very best teaching to enable them to learn and to remember. Staff meet regularly to discuss successes, to share barriers to learning and to find solutions, working together to meet the needs of the children and using research to help us to do this.  Teachers also have coaching partners: they observe each other in the classroom, have coaching conversations together to develop strategies to support our learners.  We talk to the children about what we have discovered, helping them to recognise that developing a love of learning at Beech Green will stay with them long after they leave us in Year 6.

If you would like to find out more, then please email Hayley Earl.