Private Car Transport

Drivers Transporting Young People

We greatly value your support in helping to transport young people to activities. It is our duty to do what we can to minimise the risks associated with road transport and we therefore ask all our drivers to read the checklist below, complete the information and sign and date it. Please await confirmation from Beech Green School before driving other people's children to events. This in no way invalidates or curtails private arrangements undertaken between parents.

Drivers Confirmation

  • I have no endorsements or points on my license/have declared any points on my licence and the reasons for accruing them (delete as applicable).
  • My car carries current insurance, which is renewed annually, and I have checked with my insurance company that my insurance covers transporting young people on a voluntary basis.
  • The road fund license is current and always renewed by the expiry date on the tax disc.
  • The vehicle is regularly serviced, kept in safe running condition and where required, has a valid MOT certificate.
  • I am aware that overloading the vehicle could invalidate its insurance.
  • All passengers I shall carry will have and use a seat belt including those in the back seat.
  • I am aware that any formal payment for petrol or mileage cost would invalidate my insurance unless it had been previously declared to the insurance company (Remuneration would be construed as being for “hire or reward” -a separate insurance classification)

If you would like to join our team of approved transporters then please download, complete and return the form or come in to the school office.