There are some aspects of school that is almost universally adored by the children. We work hard here to find ways that might inspire our future builders, designers, dancers, tree surgeons as well as authors, scientists and artists. 

Forest School is a BIG part of our whole school curriculum offer

Every child, every year has an opportunity to learn new skills and explore the local natural environment in a series of outdoor sessions. Our youngest children are fortunate to have a Forest School session every week.  A trained leader takes the groups outside where they learn more about trees, plants, animals; the children develop skills including whittling sticks and tree climbing.  Through this approach the children grow in confidence, they learn about being safe and taking risks, they explore all aspects of outdoor survival including using fire to cook and making a waterproof den.  
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OPAL Play (Outdoor Play And Learning)

This has revolutionised playtimes and lunchtimes at Beech Green, there are so many different things to do from scooting round the playground to creating mud pies.  The children play together.  We work with all the lunchtime staff to develop a huge range of resourced areas which encourage activity, creativity, collaboration, problem solving and simple fun!
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