P.E. and Sport Premium Funding

Most schools throughout the country receive PE and Sport Premium funding.  The amount each establishment receives is based on the number of children in the school.

This funding must be used to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and Sport that we offer in school.  Our spending plan provides you with a detailed summary of how we are investing this funding in order to achieve these aims.


Sports Premium Intentions 2022/2023


  • Increase children’s opportunities for, attitudes towards, enjoyment of and engagement in all PESSPA and being physically active.
  • Increase numbers of children participating in physical activity in school and at home, especially from traditionally lower-uptake groups and the least engaged pupils.


  • Bringing in external coaches and working alongside external groups and clubs
  • Maintaining existing and introducing new equipment
  • Monitoring lesson delivery and upskilling teachers
  • Offering increased and varied activities in curriculum PE and after-school clubs
  • Making links with external clubs and providers (and promoting to parents)
  • Auditing and monitoring uptake of clubs

In order to:

  • Have a positive effect on individuals’ wellbeing and mental health
  • Provide opportunities to experience success beyond academic areas
  • Broaden sporting opportunities available to pupils, both now and in the future
  • Be aware of and make choices to live healthy and active lifestyles
  • Embed values such as fairness, respect and cooperation






External coaches in PE lessons

Increase enjoyment, engagement and success

Develop staff skills/CPD

All year (see PE annual plan)

Sports Premium

Coaches encourage more; esp female coaches for girls

Expose ch to high-quality teaching

Upskill teachers

Balanceability – specific need in EYFS (new intake missing physical skills/core strength)

Run After school sports clubs

Increase participation and engagement

All year

Staff volunteer

Parents pay (PP ch from Sports Premium)

More variety

More available

More year grps (esp EYFS & KS1)

New clubs/providers

Increase participation

and engagement

All year

Staff volunteer

Parents pay (PP ch from Sports Premium)

Survey ch – school council? Sports captains? ‘Taster sessions’ (*cricket: All Stars & Dynamos) to encourage new engagement both in (ASC) and out of school

Link with local clubs – inform parents

Intra-school competition (whole class)

Increase engagement and enjoyment

End of each term/unit of PE

During curriculum time


Encourage/remind staff and provide guidance where necessary

Combine with local schools (Mdside, Clearwater, Fldct Jnr, Kingsway); each teach skills throughout term, final week = inter competition (EVERY CHILD IN YEAR GROUP INVOLVED)

School Games?

Report/celebrate in newsletter, assemblies and PESSPA noticeboard

Inter-school competition (WHOLE CLASS/YR GRP)

Increase engagement and enjoyment

At least termly

During curriculum time


Offer to every year group

See above for ‘end-of-unit competitions’

Termly QLC events

Wider school community involvement

Encourage children’s involvement


Sports premium (staffing)

Parent competition/matches – football? Netball? Cross-country?

Survey parents for interest, sports, etc?

Possible sport presentations and work-shops

Encourage participation

Increase enjoyment

One each term (x3 in year)?

Sports Premium

Present to whole school/key stage in assembly

30/45min workshop for each class throughout day

E.g. Circus Sensible; AshFreestyle; GKR Karate?

Follow-on with ASC/links to local clubs to parents…

New/maintain equipment

Enable participation

When required

Sports Premium

Ensure quality delivery

Maintain safety

Staff training

Increase enjoyment and success amongst children

Increase confidence of staff and quality of lesson delivery

Throughout year

Sports Premium

Better informed staff can plan and deliver more engaging and meaningful (therefore enjoyable) lessons.

Identify areas and staff (and opportunities – QLC? GSSN?) – lesson observations/drop-ins


Further Ideas

  • Cricket (T3 & T5)
  • Dance (Multi)
  • FGR / CTFC
  • Tennis (Summer – LTA/ Megan Butterworth?)
  • Badminton (JG?)

Whole yr grp

  • Bikeability (jnr) and Balanceability (inf)?
  • Swimming (new – Pools to Schools)



  • Tri-golf / foot-golf
  • Basketball
  • Orienteering
  • Handball



School community

  • Active travel to & from school – BG walking bus (ks2 first)…? (Y6 sports captains to help?  Weekly rota)???
  • Parent sports matches – represent ch’s houses?