What People Say About Us

"My son loves his leaf kebab.  He added to it on the way home too.  He absolutely loved Forest School!"

"My daughter really enjoyed Forest School this week and was so excited to show off her mud makeup!"

"Thank you so much for all your hard work this term. My daughter had a fantastic time, we’ve hit some bumps in the road, but that’s all part of the experience.  We are so glad we made the right choice with Beech Green , she’s made some fantastic friends already"

"My son has told everyone about Forest School and the mud makeup.  He is really enjoying every aspect of school life which, as a parent, is brilliant, so thank you to you and all of the team"

"Just wanted to say a huge huge thank you to all of the staff who took our children to Young Voices on Friday. It was such a fantastic night and an awesome experience. Thank you for giving up your time to give the children the opportunity to make such great memories"

"Thank you very much for the feedback on Evie's writing, It's great to see how much Evie enjoys it. She's such a creative girl. Thank you guys for all of the nurturing and encouragement you give her. She brings that enthusiasm and high spirit home with her"

"Sandpit for OPAL play... What an amazing addition to an already amazing school. You guys do such a lovely job for our children. Thank you!!" 

"Dear all of you incredibly hard working staff at Beech Green School,
We just wanted to say as a family, a huge thank you for all that you are doing to support our children in their home learning, support us as parents and support families in need. All of this whilst still teaching key worker and vulnerable children in school too. You are all incredible. 

Please don’t ever underestimate how grateful we are or how much we appreciate you.
Thank you to all of you for working tirelessly and for always going that extra mile!"

"Good Morning,

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to you all for the way that your are handling and communicating the Coronavirus outbreak.
It is very reassuring to read and hear the steps you are taking to protect the children, yourselves and the community at large.
Please keep up the good work, you are all doing great and are a credit to our community by acting as strong role models.
Thank you" 

"Dear all,
Thank you for keeping us all so well informed and updated in what I can appreciate is an extremely stressful and busy time.
The support regarding home learning on the website is great and we really appreciate the care taken and hard work.
Hope you are all well and saying a prayer for you all"

"Thank you for being such an inclusive school"

"Dear Mrs Poulson,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all of the teaching staff at Beech Green. 

Our children have grown both academically and in confidence this year under the guidance of excellent teachers who have noticed them, listened to them and nurtured them.

From the outside looking in, you seem to have such a clear vision for the school and as parents we are seeing so many positive changes. 

So, thank you and all of your staff for all of the hard work and dedication, for offering a school experience that reaches beyond just academics, to one that fosters opportunity, excitement and personal growth.  

Have a wonderful summer all"

"Good afternoon,
I would like to say what a wonderful experience visiting Beech Green school was today.
I have worked for many years in a job role that has seen me visit many schools geographically from Cardiff up to the Cotswolds and I have never walked into a school and felt such warmth and friendliness, from the moment we were welcomed at reception.
The reception class appeared to be a hive of activity with the pupils unmistakably enjoying learning through play. The lanyard system is simple but so effective. What a wonderful environment for young people to thrive.
It was a pleasure to see and hear the children laughing and engaging with teachers with smiles on their faces.
From the kind  greeting we received as we walked into reception, to the sympathetic listening you recognised the parent needed to explain her current situation, I express thanks that you provided an initial impression of a learning environment that real cares"

"I just wanted to email and say a big thank you to you and all the staff at Beech Green for all your hard work in providing more outdoor learning opportunities for the children. My son, in Class 4, has always loved coming to school and we have always been absolutely thrilled with everything the school does however I always felt it was a shame there was no forest school type provision at Beech Green so to see this now being introduced has made the school even better!  He loves his outdoor learning sessions and gets so excited when they are coming up. 

In a time when the education system is putting so much pressure on schools and on the children, it is refreshing to see that the Beech Green school community is putting so much effort into ensuring the children receive a well rounded education and that the children's physical and mental well being is also a priority. I am a teacher myself so I know how much time and effort it will have taken to put this all in place so I just wanted to say thank you"

"I was lucky enough to go and see my grandson singing at Gloucester Cathedral last night. The children were impeccably behaved, smart and stood proud. Their singing was beautiful. The Cathedral is huge and there was a very large crowd but your students sang up and sang so clearly I could hear every word. You should be very proud of them. More than anything I would like to thank your staff for their time and for the effort they put in to giving my grandson an experience of a life time. Teaching is an incredibly demanding job so to do these things above and beyond is dedication. That dedication has given me, as a Nanny, the precious memory of my grandson singing in the Cathedral. That memory will stay with me for ever! Thank you!

With heartfelt gratitude to all involved and kind regards"

"I have really loved working at Beech Green, it's a unique school - the emphasis on the well-being of the children is so apparent the moment you walk through the school gates"

"I just wanted to take the time to say how lovely it was to attend the very first celebration assembly this morning. The children where all a credit to the school and it was lovely to witness. My daughter was so thrilled when I told her about the letter last weekend, she’s had a tough term adjusting to the fact that her best friend has moved away and this has been a lovely way for her to end the term"

"Just a note to say thank you for yet another wonderful performance this morning! The hard work that goes into them is appreciated so much! So a huge thank you to the the KS1 team!  Wishing all the staff at Beech Green a restful and Merry Christmas"